Glossary of Window Replacement Terms

fixed double hung windowsOur roof and replacement window company provides reliable service and education to our customers in Wichita, KS, Leawood, KS, and Overland Park, KS. When seeking services for window replacement, you may hear some unfamiliar terms. We have included some common terms and their definitions on this page for your convenience.

  • Bay Window – This type of window consists of three windows with a larger window in the center surrounded by windows on either side, which are set at an angle.
  • Beveled Exterior – An extension of the frame set on an angle to provide an attractive dimension to exterior windows.
  • Bow Window – A window with 3 or more separate window units set in a bow.
  • Cam Lock and Keeper – These are mechanisms that are designed to pull the sash of a window together for locking.
  • Casing – The molding on the frame of a window unit. Casings come in a wide range of shapes and widths.
  • Caulk – A compound that is used to seal a crack or fill joints in windows to prevent water leaking.
  • Conduction – The transfer of energy between materials.
  • Convection – The transfer of heat in currents from warm surfaces to colder surfaces.
  • Dormer – Windows set in spaces that extend beyond from the roof of a home.
  • Double Hung Window – A window with two sashes that move in a frame vertically.
  • Drip Cap – Molding that is set at the top of a window frame.
  • Double or Dual Glazing – A window design where two panes of glass are used for better energy efficiency.
  • Emissivity – The heat radiating ability of a surface.
  • Fenestration – This architectural term is derived from the Latin word for window and is used to describe the way that windows are arranged in a wall.
  • Frame – The insert used for mounting window sashes.
  • Glazing – This term is used to describe the process of fitting glass or the glass in a door or window.
  • Glazing Bead – This is a thin strip of plastic or wood that is set around the perimeter of the glass on a window sash.
  • Glazing Stop – This holds the window glass in place.
  • Head – A horizontal piece at the top of the frame of a window.
  • Inert Gas – The gas that is used between panes of insulated Low E glass to prevent heat loss. This gas is completely safe, nontoxic and not flammable.
  • Insulating Glass – A window design with two panes of glass that are sealed with an air space that is filled with an inert gas.
  • Jamb – The vertical sides of the frame of a window.
  • Lineal – Molding that is used for window openings at the jambs. This is also known as the window surround or box post.
  • Lift – A grip or handle that is installed at the bottom of a double hung window for opening or closing the sash.
  • Light or Lite – Glazing that is framed in a door or window.
  • Lintel – The horizontal piece above the window opening that supports the structure.
  • Low E Glass – Glass that has a film or coating to create low emissivity, which is used to control radiant heat.
  • Mullion – A piece of metal or wood that is used to join two windows.
  • Pane – The glass in a window.
  • Rail – The top and bottom horizontal pieces of the frame.
  • Retrofit – A replacement window that is installed in the frame that is still in place from the original window.
  • Rough Opening – The opening in the wall where the window is installed.
  • R Value – This number identifies the heat transfer and higher numbers have better insulating value.
  • Sash – The assembly of the window rails to hold the glass.
  • Sash Balance – The weights, springs, or cords that keep the sash in place in double hung windows.
  • Sash Cord – The rope or chain that attaches the sash to the counter balance.
  • Sash Lift – The handle that is attached to the bottom rail of a double hung window.
  • Sash Lock – The lock on the rails of a sliding window to seal the sash.
  • Sash Weights – Cast iron weights used in older double hung window designs.
  • Seat Board – The board used to fit the contour of a bay or bow window for a shelf or seat.
  • Shims – Wedge shaped pieces of wood that secure the window during and after installation.
  • Sidelites – The units jointed to provide an open appearance to bay or bow windows.
  • Sill – The horizontal piece at the bottom of the window frame.
  • Single Glazing – A single pane of glass used in a window.
  • Single Hung Window – A window with a fixed top sash that cannot be opened.
  • Slider Widow – The two sashes that move horizontally on a sliding window, both sides move in a double hung window, but only one side moves in single hung designs.
  • Stile – The vertical sides of the frame of a sash.
  • Stool – Interior trim on the window that extends the window sill.
  • Stop Molding – Molding used to hold or separate the parts of a window.
  • Tempered Glass – Glass that is manufactured to withstand greater force. This is used on large fixed windows and doors for safety.
  • Transom – A small window that is set over a larger window or door.
  • True Divided Life – Windows with multiple smaller panes within the sash.
  • U Factor – The measure of heat that is transmitted through a window. A lower number indicates better insulating value.
  • Vinyl – A material that is used for windows.
  • Weather Stripping – A material used to seal cracks, gaps or openings of venting windows. Weather stripping prevents infiltration of air or water.
  • Windowpane Divider – A bar used to separate glass into multiple lights.

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